The Key Holder

Chris and I began our marriage and our moving adventures in June of 1990 when, less than a week after we were married, we packed up our apartment in Athens, Georgia and headed to live in Winston Salem, North Carolina. In the last 27 years we have lived in 5 different states. We’ve owned 8 houses and also lived in quite a few apartments. Early in our marriage I envisioned us buying a house and living there the rest of our lives, but sometimes our plans don’t exactly go the way we imagined…sometimes life gives us something even better. After that first move, I began to realize that home was wherever our family was together.

Right after we purchased our first house in 1993, we received the key holder in this photo as a Christmas gift from Chris’ uncle and aunt, Jay and Jane.  We hung this precious key holder by our back door, and since then; every time we moved, the key holder has moved with us. It became a symbol of home to me. It has held our house keys, our car keys, and eventually our boys’ car keys. In my mind, every new house we’ve had became our home the second that key holder was hanging by the back door. Recently Chris and I hung this key holder, together, by the back door in our new home in Jasper, Georgia. This time, it’s finally hanging in that forever home I had dreamed about when we first got married. It, like us, has come “full circle”-back to Georgia, back to the state of our first home together.

While my moving adventures are coming to an end, my decorating and organizing adventures are just beginning. I’m so excited to introduce you to my new company, Simply Decorated, LLC.  My mission is to help my clients find an affordable way to make their house feel like a home. I love to design spaces that are comfortable and harmonious. I believe the spaces we live in should welcome us and make us want to be there. Our homes should be a place where the time with our family and friends is about relaxing together and making memories, life at home should feel comfortable and I want to show you how easy it can be to have a home that is Simply Decorated.

Happy Decorating!