Mossy Centerpiece…DIY

Chris and I celebrated our 28th anniversary yesterday with a hike to Raven Cliff Falls near Helen, Georgia.  It is a gorgeous trail, about 2.8 miles out to a spectacular waterfall that flows into a crevice between two rocks. There is just something mystical about being outside in the woods. We love the quiet, and enjoy the time that a hike gives us to be together. Raven's Falls - North Georgia's Beautiful Places

I love how a hike reminds me of the beauty of nature. I’m drawn to the colors and textures that you find outdoors. You can’t deny the exquisite beauty of delicate ferns growing along a trail or of a bright green moss growing on a tree. It’s no wonder that I find myself using those elements to decorate my home.

This bowl is a recent addition to our dining table and I’m loving how it just brings the beauty of the outdoors right inside our kitchen.  It was incredibly easy to put together and so affordable.  When it was finished I thought this was one to share, so I took it apart and took photos of the steps for you.

Here are the items you need:

1) A great container. I found this bowl at Arhaus Furniture. They are having a major clearance sale right now, so it was a steal. You can use any container you like. I liked this one because it has very light streaks of greenish blue in it which looks great with my existing decor.  I also love that it has a natural feel to it.  A wooden bowl would also be a great choice.

2) Mossy spheres and some type of greenery that will spill over the container. I’m loving all of the succulents you can find in stores right now. They are great for that “spill over” look.

3) Natural Moss. I’m a huge fan of this Super Moss.  I have a giant bag of it and use it in lots of containers around my home.  It is great filler for plants and floral arrangements. It is live and will stay beautiful forever!

Now you are ready to put together your bowl:

First I put a little filler into the bottom of the bowl. Use some green tissue paper so that it hides in the background.

Start with the largest spheres and place them in the bowl.

Add the smaller spheres. Move them around until you feel like the arrangement is balanced.  I like to use odd numbers of items when decorating.  This arrangement has 7 total spheres.  I placed 3 on one side and 2 on the other for balance.

Add your spillover sprays.  I place one on each side and just spread out the sprays so they look like they are growing out of the bowl naturally.  You just have to move it around until you like how it looks.

Add your moss.  Tuck it into all of the corners until it feels full.  You just have to play with it until you like it. It is easy to add more and take away.  You can tear it apart.  It doesn’t hurt it.  It will stay green and gorgeous for a long time.


Congratulations! You have just created  a gorgeous centerpiece for your table for a fraction of the cost of buying one!

Now, head outside and enjoy some nature with your loved ones this summer! Breath in the beauty and wonder of the outdoors. It is good for your soul.

Happy Decorating!