Sugared Cranberries…Sooooo Delish!

Sugared Cranberries add a gorgeous sparkle and elegance to holiday desserts and charcuterie boards, or just pour them into a bowl for a crunchy, little snack. They are absolutely delicious and so easy to make. 

Last weekend our son, who is in culinary school, was home for the holiday. Chef Brandon roasted us a delicious duck dinner, and I got to be pastry chef. I baked a spiced naked cake and garnished it with these sugared cranberries and rosemary.  We were celebrating my brother’s 49th birthday…just one more to the big 5.0.! Moments like that always fill me with joy!

Bowl of cranberries with votive candles.


Here is the easiest sugared cranberry recipe…you won’t even have to write this one down!

Sugared Cranberries 
1/2 c sugar
1/2 c water

Combine in a small saucepan over medium heat until sugar has dissolved.  Do not boil.

Cranberries soaked in simple syrup
Cover fresh cranberries in the simple syrup until they are well coated. 

Place cranberries on a wire rack and allow to sit for one hour until sticky. 

Dredge the cranberries in granulated sugar until they are well coated. And allow to dry for another hour. 
The cranberries are ready to use for garnish or snacking.  They are great in cocktails. Skewer them on a cocktial toothpick and lay them across the top of the glass.

They can be used to decorate any of your holiday desserts.  Cheesecake is especially good with them. 

Or use them to turn your naked spice cake into a mini winter wonderland!

This was my first try at a naked cake.  I’m excited to try it again and do a better job with getting the layers straight. This cake stand came from Target.  I loved the exquisite detail on the leg of the plate. I now have three white cake stands from Target…I think I’m becoming a little obsessed! They are so versatile…hmmm is this another blog post? 

This recipe can also be used for grapes for a charcuterie. Just drape the grapes over your cheese. 
PS I love that white antler tray from Wilton Place. 


Close up of top of frosted cake with sugared cranberries.
Here’s one more close-up of the top of the cake.  I think I might try to sugar the rosemary next year…if you try that let me know how it turns out!

White cake stands with naked spice cake and sugared cranberries.
Just a little naked spice cake adorned with sugared cranberries…and some pretty white cake plates from my favorite store.. Oh, and a little white Christmas tree and Opal House votive with fresh cranberries…all from you guessed it, Target! Sometimes simple is just perfect my friends!

Happy Decorating!